Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#43. Smile (poem, multimedia)

43 (Sept 15)
Write about a smile. Is it a happy open smile, a mysterious Mona Lisa kind of smile, or a smirk?
OPTIONAL: Work on your fiction and share.

Rise and Write 43-49


  1. You see that a portrait is not just a record of someone's appearance, but a gift of shared wonder and joy at unique beauty experienced with such delight that must be given to others. :) It's easy to overlook that until you let yourself discover that passion in the image. In music, I think, it's harder to overlook the power of what the artist felt. It's vibrating through the air, where to hide? But in visual art or even in our written words ... they can be glossed over and their power missed if we don't slow down to look ... to feel ... to connect.

    1. It's very insightful, Justin. I often think that visual art is so much easier to notice and react, but you are right - it's also easy to overlook, just glance... and even easier to do it with words. You really need to slow down for words. But music too can be overlooked, taken as just background noise...