Sunday, September 6, 2015

#31 and 35 Feeling Anger & Feeling Peace

It's been busy here, but I thought I'd report how my daily writing is going. I don't write every day - we are either busy with day trips or just lounging around the house (it's our stay-cation, after all). But this morning, I decided to sit down and write, and I have written a piece in which I combined two prompts - feeling anger and feeling peace. It was extremely therapeutic to do, but I am not ready to share it. I consider it totally fine - the most important thing is to write, to overcome fears and blocks of any sorts. Sharing is also very important to me, but there are things which I am not ready to share - or not ready to share yet. I don't know which one is this. I think that I would like to work further on these two subjects, I have ideas to write another piece in which feeling anger and feeling peace are connected. And then, if and when I am ready, I will share.

I know I did not comment on all of your writings yet, but I will catch up soon. Do share how your writing life is though - even if you don't write, just share what's going on!

Peace (not too much anger!) to all,

Rise and Write 29-35

PS I wanted to experiment with Google+ commenting, and added that option to see how it works for you and for me. While I enjoy the ability to send my replies to your comments directly to your email box, I just found out that this option disabled leaving comments if you're not with Google+. That's a bummer. There is probably a way to enable either way of commenting, but for now, not being the most technical blogger in Bloglandia, I'm switching back to the old way, to keep things simple. I hate to loose the comments that you left using Google+ (and they do disappear when I switch back), so I copied your comments and posted them under my name which looks funny, but at least I don't loose your lovely comments. Sorry for the temporary abracadabra.


  1. Justin wrote:
    I like the way you handled this, open and honest yet keeping to your self what feels best kept to yourself. You've set a good example which I may follow from time to time. :) Thank you. 

  2. SAM wrote:
    I understand wanting to reflect and not share all. I'm having issues with my Google account and haven't been able to link a couple days. I'm still here writing, though.