Monday, September 14, 2015

#40. Feet... or Hands

Write about feet – yours, your character’s, or some weird feet you’ve seen.
OPTIONAL: Work on your fiction and share.

Oh my! the Where do I get the ideas for my prompts? I know, I know - sometimes even little details can bring out such wonderful stories out of a writer. But nothing really comes to mind right now, other than back in July I painted my toe nails in beautiful red and did not remove that nail polish ever since - I just cut my nails short thinking that eventually they will overgrow the red completely. I could make a little comedy scene out of it, but I am just not in the mood for a comedy this very moment. 

May I write about a hand instead? Justin, Anya and I went to a live theater this past weekend. It was over all the best performance I've seen - in both professional and amateur theaters around here. Everything, the music, the humor, the live orchestra, the story, the songs, the costumes, but above all the fact that it was a youth theater and all the roles were played by children (the oldest actor was 20, a few were 17 or 18, and the rest of the cast were kids between 8 and 13) - all of it made the show exceptional and unforgettable. I watched it in amazement and almost disbelief - rarely I see and feel such fantastic energy on the stage. It was an outburst of energy! No wonder the whole audience burst with standing ovations at the end of the performance. (And it was not a tiny auditorium - it was a 800 seat hall, and pretty full, not completely, but it almost never happens during shows put on by community theaters or, as in this case, a youth theater.) Honestly, I don't even know how they do it, it's like the whole company was singing in unison. How is it possible to get such a large group on fire? But I wanted to write about a hand, or rather about a missing hand. I noticed in the opening scene where the full company was on the stage that one of the actors did not have one hand. It was noticeable because they were singing and dancing and their hand motions were visible, and he obviously missed one hand. He had one of bigger roles in the play, and one smaller one too, so we had a chance to see this wonderfully gifted young actor a lot that evening. And I was thinking to myself, how many people would hide behind their disability, making it an excuse for not living a full life. Much lesser things than a missing body part stop us, people, from pursuing our dreams. Especially such daring dreams as getting into such a profession as actor, where they often make it all about appearance, where it is definitely about being visible, being in front of people, being vulnerable. How many people would instead find something more reasonable, more "sensible", more out of sight, rather than pursue their dreams of being on the stage? How many people never even start, even though they have everything in place? What is it that gives one person this incredible courage and true inner confidence, not a bravado, but authentic confidence that comes from within, to go for their dreams and not let anything stop them, even such an obvious thing as a missing body part? This is what gets me every single time - people who follow their heart and go for what they are dreaming about, overcoming their own losses, insecurities, doubts and let alone inconveniences... people who just do what they love, those people eventually find their bliss.

12 minutes

Rise and Write 36-42

* * *

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