Tuesday, September 8, 2015

#36. Last Day of Summer

Imagine that today is the last day of a long hot summer. How you would like to spend it? Is there anything you wanted to do this summer, but haven’t had a chance? Is there anything you’d like to repeat? Write about your ideal summer day, or about how exhausting long summers are, whatever comes to mind.
OPTIONAL: Work on your fiction and share.

Oh wow, if only we could know what will be the exact last day of hot summer! I'm sure I would want to leave everything behind, all the big and little tasks, all the work and errands, pack a simple light lunch, get freshly laundered fluffy towels and head to the beach. Funny, but I have never been a beach bum - my friends would stay in the sun until they melt, but I preferred shade, having fair skin, as five minutes is enough for me to get ridiculously red, burned to the point of shedding my skin like a snake. When I was younger, we did not have any SPF lotions, or I just was not aware of them, so even a brief sun exposure would cost me both discomfort (and even pain) and embarrassment. It all changed last year. So many things changed after I turned 40, and one of them - I actually started enjoying and appreciating laying in the sun. The sand which gets hot warms up my body, until I can't take it any more - then I have to run into refreshingly cold water, splash, splash, splash! That's happiness. Only last summer it occurred to me, that the experience I appreciate about banya the most (the contrast between unbearably hot and unbearably cold) is the same on the beach on a hot day. The same contrast that makes my body feel so alive, so happy and so free. So yes, if only I knew that today would be the very last day of an exhaustingly long hot summer (which we had this year, and no, I am not a fan of the heat by itself)... I would grab a towel and head to the beach.

Written in 7 minutes with a couple of small family interruptions.

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  1. That is how I would spend my last day of Summer too:)! Nothing beats a day on a beach.

  2. Hot heat and then the shock of cold. I love it!