Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#42. Turning Color (Poem)

Write about a leaf turning color. Is it still up on the tree or did you find it under your feet? What’s its journey?
OPTIONAL: Work on your fiction and share.

Turning Color

I often think that hair turning color
Is similar to leaves turning color.
After a warm season,
Filled with breeze and sunshine,

We are winding down, getting ready to rest,
Getting ready for a slower pace of life,
Which is not less, and maybe even more wonderful 
Than hot days of summer.

Less hectic, less chaotic, less stressful,
More peaceful, more organic, more cherishing --
Cherishing life, every little moment that passes:
The crisp coolness of the air,

The golden rays of sun shining low,
The earth cooling down, ready to sleep...
We all are winding down, getting ready to be quiet and observe,
Rather than yelling loudly: look at me! no, no, look at me!

People turning color,
Just like leaves turning color.
We all are winding down, 
People and leaves.

5 min

Rise and Write 43-49


  1. I really, really love this poem. I've always enjoyed the change of color in nature as the seasons change, and I must admit that as my own seasons change, I'm looking pretty favorably on my own changing colors. I know plenty of folks color their hair as autumn approaches, but I feel lucky to exchange silver for middling-brown. Never was a big fan of my own hair color. Silver ... classy. :) And yes, I do feel a winding down, but not in a bad way. It's like I take the time to enjoy life now instead of racing through it to get it all done as I used to. It's a good feeling.

    1. Sometimes activities are fun, and other times yes, they are just mindless racing. I can't say that I really raced a lot in life, well, compared to some, maybe - all those tests in school, college, jobs, always trying to prove something to someone else, to myself... It's not that I am completely relaxed now, but again - compared to some, yes, very relaxed, and I think it's getting better.

      Your hair is wonderful, I wish mine would turn such a beautiful shade of silver some day, but for now red is good. :)