Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#31. Anger (Poem)

Write about feeling angry. What are the sensations in the body? What’s happening with the thoughts? Write a scene when your character feels angry. Do they want to punch someone? Will they?
OPTIONAL: Work on your own fiction, without the connection to the topic. Share what you are working on.


Angry cloud in the air
Covers me from toes to hair.
Anger is better than despair.

Can't think straight,
Can't look up.
Angry cloud eats me up.

Angry as a little kid
Throwing angry little feet.

Thoughts are angry,
Angry face.
Angry feelings, angry space.

Teeth are grinding,
Fists are tight.
Ready for an angry fight.

Kindness escaped,
Compassion's gone!
Words are sharp as a knife, 
Fast as a gun.

Anger is drought 
That dries me out.

Breathing deeply, sip by sip,
Angry cloud,

1 comment:

  1. This poem struck me very personally. I was raised to hide my anger for fear of penalty ... only others were allowed to be angry, not me. I bury it deep and try to keep it a secret most often. But it's not a secret to me. And how do I feel inside? JUST as you describe here. Wow ... so powerful in its familiarity. This feels very brave to me. Very brave indeed.