Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#35. Peace (Poem)

Write about feeling peace. What brings peace to your inner state? Is it being in nature, or being alone at home? Describe a particular situation when you are (or your character is) feeling at peace with yourself and with life.
OPTIONAL: Work on your own fiction, without the connection to the topic. Share what you are working on.


Peace is something that is always there,
But we don't notice it -- peace is peaceful.
Peace is quiet, it has no movement.

Take anger and fear out of the picture --
And you'll be left with the picture of peace.
Peace is invisible, it has no image.

Stop making noise, stop screaming and crying.
Stop listening to those who make noise, who scream and cry --
And you will be left with the silence. Peace is silent.

Maybe that's why people feel so peaceful near water.
Water moves, yet stays still.
Water has presence, yet it's clear.
Water makes no noise, but a sound.

Linked to Rise and Write 43-49


  1. Inspired and brilliant and hugely, hugely true. Your poetry is really very penetrating to me. Thank you for sharing these feelings in this way. So focused and clear. I love it.