Saturday, June 28, 2014

Welcoming All

The photo was taken (by me) in Colonial Williamsburg, in the Fall of 2006. Enormously creative Jazzy Jack reminded me about this photo by posting her photo of trees archway, please stop by to enjoy her sunny photography and talented poems (they are not prose, Jack - those are poems!).

I know there are technical issues with this photo - the upper left corner is bleached out, and the whole contrast thing is a bit out of balance. But it was a great inspiring moment, and I am happy that I captured it. I love the way Jack described her arch as "welcoming all" so much - I even used it as a title for this post. :)


  1. A great photo of a magical place!

  2. Thanks Natalia! I'm blown away by your photo and your compliments!!! Lovely moment :-) XO