Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#54 Changing Season

Write about changing seasons, that very particular time in the year cycle when it is not Autumn yet, but already passed Summer…
OPTIONAL: Work on your fiction and share.

Such times are the dearest to my heart. There is something touching, real, transparent in between the seasons. The air is clearer and crisper, the temperatures are milder and more comfortable, and the feelings such in between times evoke in me are of ending something old and tired and beginning something new and fresh. Changes are both exciting, inspiring, full of hope, and at the same time a little intimidating, or perhaps vulnerable. Times in between seasons are like times in between periods of one's life. Those who have ever had an aspiration to change their life, sure know how vulnerable those periods are - half of the time we just want to hide from the world, as it is not what it used to be any more, though not what we want it to be yet. 

Rise and Write 50-56. Week 8

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  1. There IS that "best of both worlds" sense about such times. In Ohio it lasted so briefly I didn't ever really see it for what it was. But yes, now I can appreciate it. :) Thanks for giving me Tweesons.