Monday, September 22, 2014

Sketchbook: Aluminum Lamp


  1. I have a lamp just like that in the back patio. It was here when we bought the house.
    We are connected, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. gorgeous to see you discovering common things with your pencil.........
    as trained in visuell arts i had to say this and that - but i´m sure if you want advice you will ask for :-)
    so i enjoy your fresh perspective and the fun you seem to have drawing your world!

    1. Beatochka, I had art lessons - once a week - in my 6th and 7th grade, I was then my daughter's age, almost 30 years ago. And to be honest, I remember nothing. I don't think I was ever praised in this area, and I just lost all my confidence and eventually all my interest in it. Now when I am 41, I don't need as much praising as I needed as a kid - that's the true joy of getting older, you just care less and less about what others think of you. And at the same time my interest in drawing seem to be reborn. I am surprised that for someone who did not hold a pencil in 30 years, I can do what I do.

      I will be happy to hear your advice! I'm sure I do it all wrong from a professional point of view. But, yes, it is pure joy to hold a pencil and make things appearing on a white page. xxx

    2. my dear - you do nothing wrong!!!!!!!
      i don´t want to criticize you. just dive into your sketching. you are really talented. i can see a talent if i meet one :-)
      look for the "inner form" of the objects - not the outer shape. that was what my own drawing changed forever - a very great professor at our art school told us so. crawling with your eyes under the surface of things and they will come to live on your paper with a few strokes. ah - and do use light colored - brown/gray - paper, you will be surprised how easy your objects come together. (i wish i had your writing skills to describe it better in english....)

    3. Inner form! That sounds like a great advice! Do tell me more! :)

      I have a small brown paper journal - I bought it a few years ago for doodling, really liked it back then. This time, I wanted a large format white paper, don't know why - just felt like it. I will try sketching in my little brown paper journal again - very interested to see the difference now.

      An idea came to mind. It would be wonderful if you gave a few "art lessons" in your blog. Maybe Shawna and Joni would be interested in joining? We could "meet", let's say, once a week or so... :) That would be lovely! Just a thought...

      Thank you!!! xxxx

    4. natalia! you are sooo wonderful!
      i forgot to say - big paper! big, raw, unbleached, cheap paper the size of a newspaper, minimum. find some "pencils" which are broad. we used sticks made of charcoal or graphite. no eraser. you will get dirty :-)
      i will try to put together a "teaser" post, maybe the girls will be interested.......
      happy drawing!