Friday, July 31, 2015

Rise and Write Link-Up: Daily Writing Sketches 1-7

Dear fellow writers, here are the very first seven prompts (ideas of sketches) that I offer you to write this week. The link-up will be open for 7 days, and you can either write all 7 sketches at once and link them all together, or write one daily, or 2-3 at once, then take a break... do whatever works for you! I like the idea of writing both fiction and non-fiction - feel free to write either about yourself, or about your fictional characters. Don't think too much - they are supposed to be impromptu! You may link as many posts as you want - one with all prompts or seven (one prompt per post).
Happy writing!

Write about the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning. Is it something in your room? Is it a photograph? A cat? A person? The world outside of your window?

Write about the first bouquet of flowers you received (or gave to someone). What flowers they were? Do you remember their smell? Were they from a garden, field, market? You may also write about the flowers you did not receive (or gave) – of a disappointment. A friend of mine said to me once that it was her idea that when she gets married, she would wake up on her birthday, and there would be flowers on her pillow. She never told her husband that dream of hers, but was really surprised to wake up to no flowers on her pillow, and was deeply disappointed. You don’t have to write a true story – invent a character if you like.

Write about your first visit to a dentist – or the most memorable one. Do you remember the dentist’s face, voice, the smell of the office? Do you remember your pain, fear, or a pleasant feeling of knowing that you are taking a good care of your teeth? You don’t have to write about yourself – write about your child’s visit, or about your character’s visit.

Write about a tree (or another plant) that you see from your window. What kind of tree it is? How tall it is? Does it bear fruit or berries? Is it a home to birds or small animals? If not, could it be a home to mythical creatures? What would you think of it as a child?

Write about an act of kindness that made you look differently at what kindness is and maybe look differently at life. What was the situation? Maybe it was in your childhood, or maybe it happened last week. Maybe you were the person who was being kind, when someone needed it the most, and maybe did not expect it. If nothing comes to mind, invent!

Write about your favorite dish as a child. Do you still remember the taste of it? The smell? The texture? Who was cooking it? What ingredients they used? Did they say anything while cooking? Where it was? How old were you?

Write about your morning ritual. You wake up… then what usually happens? Write about how your body feels, what you think about, what you like to do, to eat or drink the first thing in the morning. It does not have to be about you. Write about your character if you prefer – what is their morning routine?


  1. I've started!
    Just a point of order, you may need to extend the linkup. By the time we write for seven days, the link up will be closed and we won't be able to link.
    Or have I mistunderstood? I'm writing poetry so far! Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I'm so glad you've started! Let me see whether I get your concern right. Do you think it won't be enough days for you to complete the whole 7 sketches before the link-up is closed? I thought that 7 days = 7 sketches, the link-up will stay open through August 7th, and then if we decide to continue with it, a new one will be open the following day (August 8-15). I cannot do link-ups more often than once a week, so it has to be done in groups of prompts. After this group of prompts is closed, I need to announce new prompts for the next week, so this seems like the right format to me. If you do not have enough time to complete the whole 7 sketches (poems etc), then just link whatever is left to the next link-up (Week 2 of exercises). Will it work?

  2. Thank you, Natasha, for starting this. I have found the tail ends of dozens of ... well, a few different attempts I've made at "writing every day". And while yes, it is true, I do write in some form every day, this kind of focused exercise has been missing from my writing life for too long. So thank you for making this happen. Here's to all of us. Let's write!

    1. Yay!!! I think I might explode today - the energy is building up and filling the universe! I just love it! I literally feel how we all write in our different corners of the world, working on becoming/being writers, and it is BEAUTIFUL! :) Here is to us, writers!

  3. I have written my daily blurp but not yet sure how I will do this-maybe link up after I've done a few or all seven. Today's isn't very long (amazing for me, right?) so it makes sense to wait. xoxo

    1. I'm glad that you linked them here, Shawna! The link is broken though, I hope you'll try again, then I can just delete this old link.