Friday, August 7, 2015

Rise and Write Link-Up: Daily Writing Sketches 8-14. Week 2

Dear friends and fellow writers, we have just completed our very first week of writing daily prompts, or sketches, and I think it was great! As Justin put it, it felt like we were telling each other stories around campfire. It felt like the writing energy was building up, and bounced from one writer to another over time zones and continents. Essays, memoirs, stories and poems - we made it a very interesting, dynamic journey, both a journey to learn more about ourselves and each other, and journey to become writers. I warmly invite you to the second week of daily writing sketches. Treat them the way you like - they can remain rough sketches, or if you feel inspired, create little masterpieces, using your initial sketches. 

Here are seven prompts (ideas of sketches) that I offer you to write this week. The link-up will be open for 7 days, and you can either write all 7 sketches at once and link them all together, or write one daily, or 2-3 at once, then take a break... do whatever works for you! I like the idea of writing both fiction and non-fiction - feel free to write either about yourself, or about your fictional characters. Don't think too much - they are supposed to be impromptu! You may link as many posts as you want - one with all prompts or seven (one prompt per post).
Happy writing!

Write about fear you experienced (or are experiencing now). It can be a situation from your life, a fear of heights, of dogs, of closed small rooms or clowns… or a fear of being yourself, doing what you want to do, expressing yourself. Does your fear have a face, a voice, a smell, physical presence? Is it an abstract blob? How does it make you feel when you experience it? How does it make you feel when you look back at it? If it’s a fear you overcame, how did it happen?

Write about your favorite blanket – or about your least favorite blanket. What does it look like? Is it soft, scratchy, warm, new or old? Is it a gift, a find, a purchase? What do you use it for? If your blanket had a voice, what story would it tell?

Write about your last trip to a furniture store – or about a memorable one. Was it with purpose or just browsing? Did you buy anything, or did you leave empty handed? What store was it and why did you choose it? Or maybe it was online shopping?

Write about your first experience of swimming. How old were you? Was it in a swimming pool with an instructor, or someone kicked you and you fell into a lake?  Were you with your friends, your parents or by yourself? Did you learn how to swim eventually? Do you love it, hate it, or are you indifferent to it?

Write about a door knob. Any door knob – maybe it’s in your room, maybe in a fancy concert hall, or in an antique shop. Is it made of glass, metal, ceramic? What color is it? Is it attached to a door that you are afraid to open, curious to open, eager to open, or are you indifferent? If you never paid any attention to door knobs, write about how stupid it is to even think of door knobs. If nothing comes to mind, invent!

Write about your favorite book as a child. Do you remember the title, the writer’s or the illustrator’s name? Were you reading it by yourself, or was an adult reading it to you? Have you ever re-read it as an adult, maybe to your child, or just for yourself? What was the most memorable episode or character? Did it make you do anything new – maybe to become more adventurous, or change your name and identity, or learn how to read, or write and illustrate a book yourself?

What was the first thing you thought about this morning? Did you think about your dream and wondered what it meant? Did you think about the list of things you have to do today? Did you think of breakfast? Of a work situation? Of your parents, partner, your child or your pet? Was it a creative idea you want to work on? Was it an unusual thought, or something you typically think in the morning?


  1. great link up! I'll try to join in. Last link up (the short story one) I did write a short story but it was no good, I just couldn't get it right.

    1. That is why this is a great tool for any writers, so we can just loosen up, write, let it flow from us - and post, without taking every single piece too seriously. Some things will be stronger than others, and that's totally fine - they all are a part of the process of writing work. Join us!