Friday, August 21, 2015

Rise and Write Link-Up. Daily Writing Sketches 22-28. Week 4

Hello writers! It's hard to believe that we are already into our 4th week of daily writing. I will admit sometimes I resent my daily writing as I resent any routine. But that negative feeling goes away as soon as I start typing the first words. I let my imagination go. I find that writing energizes me, unless I write about matters which are difficult for me or still bothering me. But it is also a part of the process of becoming a writer. I think that in the end, it is what we really need to do - to write about what hurts with the same honesty that we use when we write about what makes us happy or fascinates us.

I started experimenting more with fiction (writing about my character Marusya from my old Russian piece) and with poetry. That stimulates me. If you feel resentful of the routine, try something new, break out of the familiar mold - you will be surprised how much fun there is beyond our familiar route! But I'm sure you already know that. 

On the other hand, if you feel uninspired or low energy and you need a break, then just skip a few days. It's all totally up to you. You might find later that you want to come back and write the prompts which you skipped, or just move on to new prompts. Whatever helps you with your own writing goals and dreams. Here are seven new ideas for your daily sketches - use them as they are or write about what you feel like writing; the most important is that you write, practice, and grow.

Write about rain. Is it a warm summer shower or a heavy stormy downpour? Are you indoors or outside, all soaked through? Write about a character if you’d like.

Write about hair – either yours or a character you work on.

Write about pain – either physical or emotional. Or write about how it feels to live without pain.

Write about a feast – a family gathering, a company banquet, or maybe you treated yourself after fasting.

Write about a train. Did you ever travel by train? If not, what do you think it would feel like? Write about a character who’s traveling by train if you prefer.

Write about sand. Imagine touching it with your hands. What does it feel like? Write about a sandcastle you built as a kid or as an adult with your kids. Or about construction sand. Write whatever comes to mind.

Write about a sound. Maybe you woke up from a sound. Maybe it is a sound of music, or an annoying noise.


  1. I've attached a link for last linkup. Your poem inspired me! You might like my prose AND poem on the same subject. Jazzy Jack

    1. I'm glad you experimented, Jack! It's a great idea to write texts in different genres for the same prompt, I also want to do something like it one day. :)