Monday, January 1, 2018

С Новым годом!

Фото сделано в Рождественский день моей дочерью

На новый год у меня все тот же старый план. Первое - продолжать писать и работать над книгами, будь то новая сказка Уютной бухты или Анина история, или что-то еще. И второе - продолжать работать над своим внутренним счастьем. Счастье для меня - это гармония. Но если раньше я видела гармонию как состояние внутреннего покоя, то сейчас это скорее умение принять, это равновесие самых разных чувств и стремлений во мне. Будь то радость или грусть, скука или энтузиазм, вера или уныние - чем бы это ни было, если чувство и переживание искренне, оно имеет право быть. Меньше сравнивать себя с другими и мерить себя мерками внешнего мира. Ощущать одиночество и не бояться его. Вообще ни от чего не бежать. И ни к чему не бежать. Принимать и отпускать. Проживать каждый день как ребенок. И не навешивать ярлыков, прежде всего на саму себя. Творить свободнее. Мечтать. Любить жизнь, радоваться ей. 

For the new year, I have the same old plan. Firstly, to continue writing and working on books, whether it's a new Cozy Cove Tale or Anya Story, or something else. And secondly (not necessarily in that order), to continue working on my inner happiness. Happiness to me means harmony. But if earlier I saw harmony as a state of inner peace, now I see it more as a skill of acceptance, the balance of all the different feelings and aspirations in me. Whether it's joy or sadness, boredom or enthusiasm, faith or despondency - whatever it is, if the feeling or experience is sincere, it has the right to be. Less comparing myself with others and measuring myself by the standards of the outside world. Feeling loneliness and not being afraid of it. Not running from anything. And not running to anything. Accepting and letting do. Living everyday like a child. And not labeling anything, especially myself. Creating more freely. Dreaming. Loving life, feeling joyful about it.


  1. Working on our happiness is something that most of us, ironically, forget to do. It seems like the obvious thing to do, getting to know ourselves so that we could make ourselves happier, but as a rule people often ignore this important task. Unfortunately many (even those of us who should know better and be wiser by now :)) often assume that happiness is something that happens when something else happens, that is, something that depends on a set on conditions.

    With years I realized that happiness isn't about setting goals, and not even about reaching them or working hard for them, happiness is something that happens on its own, a by product of doing the right thing for us (whatever that right thing might be) not something we can buy or even earn. Yet often I fall into the same trap of thinking that happiness depends on something else.

    I wish you all the best in 2018! S novym godom!

    1. Dear Ivana, thank you! I agree with you completely. We are unknown to ourselves, until we start paying attention. Being a sensitive child, I think I always knew myself better than most can say about themselves, but it doesn't mean there is nothing to learn. Inner happiness is my day job - nobody else can do it for me. And yes, it doesn't have much to do with goals, achievements, accomplishments. Those are fine and can be fun, but not the source of true inner joy. True joy has everything to do with our most intimate connection - with our soul. And that is a never ending job for each of us.

      С Новым годом, дорогая! С новым счастьем! С новым здоровьем!