Sunday, January 22, 2017

Our Books at FANTASIUM, comic and game shop in Federal Way, WA!

Our books are now available at FANTASIUM, comic and game shop in Federal Way, Washington. If you aren't a comic book or games fan, you probably don't consider visiting comic book stores much - they are simply aren't on your radar. But Justin, my husband, is a D&D master, fan and enthusiast, so when this shop opened a couple of years ago, he was very excited. It really is a wonderful store, well stocked, well organized and very friendly and welcoming. They have a shelf dedicated to children's literature. so our books fit right in. All the three books are now on that shelf - Anya and Her Wings the English edition, the original story in Russian ("Аня и ее крылышки"), as well as our unique bilingual companion book Anya and Her Wings: Color and Create!

Do check out all other places where you can find our books on the newly updated page MY BOOKS!

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