Sunday, August 16, 2015

Daily Sketches. #15 Thunderstorm (Poem)

Illustration by Victor Chizhikov (I wrote about this artist in the post Childhood Book)

I am a little behind with writing my daily sketches and reading yours, but I'll catch up soon - it's just the weather is so nice, we spent all day out yesterday and will probably do the same today. I was happy that yesterday my (real life) friend Slava joined our writing challenge with his humorous poem (please read it in the comments to the post Doorknob). It inspired me to write a little poem as my "Thunderstorm" exercise, though it is not exactly about a thunderstorm I guess.

Write about a thunderstorm – either the real one that you experienced (recently or as a child), or an imaginary one.

I am a cat,
A fluffy cat –
This much I know.
And I know that:

When the weather is chilly or even just cool –
They taught us about it in a kitty school, –
Roll up in a shape of a donut or ball,
Cover your nose and snooze after all.

When the sun heats up the window glass –
They taught us about it in a kitty class, –
Stretch out (no need to cover your nose)
From ears to toes and tail, and doze.

When what you hear is a grumpy noise,
Forget about your ears and nose –
Get under the nearest bed or couch –
Regardless of who’s grumpy, the sky or mama… 


  1. Great departure from your other writing but with the signature wimsy. I still have not braved poetry.

    1. Thank you, Sam! Signature whimsy? I like that. :) I think poems sometimes are easier to write than prose. It all depends on what resonates with you the moment when you take a pen...

  2. On behalf of our family cats, Persik and Bagheera, I am authorized to express their thanks to you for representing them here so delightfully. They were rather certain they were irresistibly adorable, but now they are utterly convinced, for having been immortalized in such sweet poetry, there can simply be no doubt.

    1. On behalf of our cats, thank you for thanking the poet! ;)