Saturday, December 13, 2014

People: Eric

What can be a subject for art?
Art is not in the subject - it's in the feeling.

People are one of the most fascinating art subjects for me. I spent years taking photos of all kinds of people, from little children to grown ups. My favorite kind of portraits are candid, not staged. Though, at times there is something about a particular person in a particular moment in time, when even a posed photograph feels like a beautifully candid shot. This was one of such times - I've always loved this portrait of Eric, a musician and wood carver from the Ohio Renaissance Festival. The photo was taken in October of 2006.

Disclaimer: the photo is not for sale.


  1. Great photo and I especially love the quote. Is that a Natalia original? I agree, Art is in the Feeling.

    1. Yes, they are my words. :) Thank you so much, Joni! It will be so fun to talk about all of it - art, creativity, life, the universe. :)