Monday, April 13, 2015

Additional Charcoal Portrait from Oregon

I completely forgot that there was another drawing - I used both sides of the paper and just overlooked it. Mom asked whether she could take these drawings with her, so Justin scanned them - so we now have copies. The good thing about scanning is that you can actually see the texture and color of the paper.


  1. Hi Natalia! You did some sketching while on vacation I see. I love your sketches here. You are so inspiring. Why do I always forget to bring along my sketch book and pencils every where I go? It would be fun to go someplace and practice sketching together. Are you comfortable doing it in public? I've struggled with it in the past before but wonder if I'd be more comfortable with it now that I'm a little older and don't care what others think.

    1. Joni, what a great idea - yes, let's go and sketch together, I would love that!!