Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November Sketches: People




  1. I love the little words you write with your drawings. I drew water once, with my eyes shut, and drawing wateryness. Its essence. Maybe the same technique would capture music? Xo JJ

  2. or you draw just abstract lines, circles, curves and such. just let your arm do it. don´t think. if you feel power, draw with power, same with strength, weakness, love, fun etc. do this for a while.
    can´t wait to see your expressive work!

  3. Thank you, JJ and Beate, for your great ideas! xxx

  4. You are a details person! Your outfits have beautiful details and so do your drawings and I find that I want to touch things, trace my fingers over the ornamental details. I too love how you incorporate words. I do that in my art journals but have not done it on canvas. I think I should try it sometime-you have inspired me!

    I too have a suggestion for combining the drawing and music. The more you do it the more it will come naturally and abstracts which focus on the shapes and the colours are one way to artistically respond to music but you could also play music while you are drawing people and things and trust that it will influence you in the way it is meant to. It will become part of your inspiration which you will interpret in your own way.

    Loveses and