Sunday, August 2, 2015

Daily Sketches. #2 The First Bouquet of Flowers

Pulsatilla Patens (photo source)

Write about the first bouquet of flowers you received (or gave to someone). What flowers they were? Do you remember their smell? Were they from a garden, field, market? You may also write about the flowers you did not receive (or gave) – of a disappointment. A friend of mine said to me once that it was her idea that when she gets married, she would wake up on her birthday, and there would be flowers on her pillow. She never told her husband that dream of hers, but was really surprised to wake up to no flowers on her pillow, and was deeply disappointed. You don’t have to write a true story – invent a character if you like.

They were soft and yellow, and the petals were a little fluffy which reminded him of tiny chicks that he saw at his grandma's country house. These flowers grow all over the woods, mostly on slopes, first thing in the spring, when the snow melts, dad said. Sometimes you can find purple ones, but mostly they come in pale yellow, like the sun in the spring. His dad took him to the nearby woods in their small town this morning.
"You are a big brother now, son."
"Sure I'm big. I'm already five. She is probably so tiny. Can she walk?"
"Not yet. But she'll learn. First she'll have to sleep a lot. And eat."
"What kind of food she likes? Cookies?"
"Not yet." Dad laughed again. "Your mom's milk. That's how they grow."

It was sunny that morning, sunny and warm. When they told him that he now has a little sister, it was raining. He was sitting in his room in the little apartment where they lived, drawing pictures with his aunt. His dad came back home later than usual. He smiled more than usual. 
"Now you have a little sister, son."
He was disappointed. He told mom - hurry up. 
"Sometimes they sell boys fast. I guess she was not fast enough."
Dad laughed.
"I guess she was not fast enough," repeated dad after him. "But a little sister is also pretty cool, what do you think?"
"I don't know. She's a girl. Maybe we'd better save all this money and go to Africa instead. I told mom."
And dad laughed again.
What is so funny about his idea going to Africa instead of buying a baby brother, or especially baby sister? There are elephants in Africa. And giraffes. He saw them on TV, a little black and white screen TV that they had in the living room. He was not sure what colors giraffes are supposed to be, but they had spots, and very, very long necks. He had never seen animals with such long necks before. Pretty cool. They could eat leaves off the tall trees. Or if there were interesting clouds in the sky, they could probably touch them and smell them. He wondered what clouds smelled like.
But instead of Africa, mom decided to get another baby. He thought it was not equally fun, though maybe with a brother he could get along - maybe they could go to Africa together when the little brother grew as big as him. But what to do with a sister?
He cut the fluffy flowers, trying to cut the buds only - the stems did not seem especially pretty, they were just like sticks, but not stiff enough to build with them. Kind of useless, really. The flowers which reminded him of little chicks seemed fun, and they smelled nice too. A bit sweet, like candy. And there were some yellow little tiny sticks inside of them, with yellow tiny powder that colored his nose when he smelled them. One time he even sneezed - the yellow powder tickled.
"Bless you," dad said.
"Is it time yet?" he asked, meaning time to go pick up that little sister and mom from the hospital. He missed mom. He had not seen her for a few days already. Probably there was a really big line in the hospital where they sell little brothers and sisters, and even though mom is usually quick and decisive, she got really fat lately and couldn't walk too fast, so she probably just wasn't quick enough and there were only sisters left when she arrived. Little sister was not a really equal exchange to his dream about Africa. Yet he thought that dad looked happy, and mom was probably also happy, so she must be okay that little sister. Such a pity that she's a girl.


  1. My brothers had to have thought that about each of the 7 girls that brought up the rear after the oldest, boy, then girl, and second boy! They got stuck with 8 sisters in total. My mom must have always been late to get the boys. Thi is a special story!

    1. Poor boys! Similarly to you, my mom grew up in a family of 6 sisters and 1 brother. Oi! :)

  2. cute!
    i was always wishing for an older brother instead of that younger one i got - younger brothers stress :-)

  3. Love the flower descriptions! Those useless sticks :-D xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Seems like something a boy would think, doesn't it? :)

  4. such a sweet story! My nephew also hoped for a baby brother, he planned to call him Šime so now to make him feel better we all started to call his baby sister Šimka...her real name is Carmen, but I'm afraid the nickname Šimka would stick. I call her Šimecki, I'm not sure why exactly.

    Like yourself, I also have a brother...and he calls me brother, not sister. My nephew once asked him, " Dad, why do you call aunt Ivana brother?" There was a time when even his friends started calling me brother, but then it got to confusing.